International turmoil, Cloak-and-Dagger Operations, and political chaos.  These are entertaining thrillers.

Spy Across the Table

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  The Spy Across The Table Mysterious Book Report No. 290 by John Dwaine McKenna Although prognostication and predicting the future isn’t what we normally do here at the MBR, there’s always exceptions, and this is one. I’m gonna stick my neck all the way out to the cut-on-the-dotted-line tattoo and forecast the near future. In about a week and a-half—June 20th to be exact—a new thriller will be

False Flag

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False Flag Mysterious Book Report No. 322 by John Dwaine McKenna In the world of espionage, The business of spies is lies, which makes it impossible at times, to distinguish between friend and foe . . . because all covert operations are designed to advance the interests and objectives of the spying country.  Put it another way and the axiom becomes: TRUST NO ONE.  They all lie all the

The Quantum Spy

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  The Quantum Spy Mysterious Book Report No. 319 by John Dwaine McKenna It’s indisputable that the next war will be fought in cyberspace.  Some scientific and military experts believe in fact, that World War III has already begun . . . that the opening skirmishes are evidenced by the endless hacking attempts on the most secure of websites . . . where our adversaries are going after America’s

The Mulberry Bush

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Mysterious Book Report No. 250 The Mulberry Bush by John Dwaine McKenna Somewhere in the big junkyard that passes as my mind, there’s a snippet of a country song that goes . . . “I thought I’d been loved and I thought I’d been kissed, but that was before I met you . . .” which I’m going to rip off and paraphrase to introduce this week’s Mysterious Book

Pacific Burn

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Pacific Burn Mysterious Book Report No. 249 by John Dwaine McKenna With a renewed focus on Asia of late, it seems as though there’s news and happenings on an hourly basis from the region. China, North and South Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Burma, Taiwan, Tibet . . . and of course Japan, have all featured in the news recently . . . and why not? The majority of the


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  Japantown Mysterious Book Report No. 150 by John Dwaine McKenna Have you ever noticed that we humans tend to seek the company of our own kind?  That we form affinity groups of like-minded persons and stay within, or at least in proximity to it?  This is especially true of recent immigrants and non-English speakers, so much so in fact, that certain areas of major cities are known by