Sleeping Bear

Mysterious Book Report No. 463

by John Dwaine McKenna

Sleeping Bear, (Atria/Bestler, $27.00, 400 pages, ISBN 978-1-9821-6639-7) by Connor Sullivan, announces in loud and clear language, the arrival of an author who has the promise of greatness written all over him, as he’s come up with one of the best espionage novels since Robert Ludlum penned The Bourne Identity.

The story begins when a thirty year-old woman named Cassie Gale disappears while on a solo camping trip in a remote northern latitude of Alaska, just a short distance over the international boundary line between Canada and the U.S.A..  Because of a lack of law enforcement  resources in the area, her father—a dude ranch operator and former intelligence officer—named Jim Gale, organizes additional search efforts using friends, family and employees.  They eventually realize that Cassie was taken by the Russians.

Cassie is in fact being held on the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula where she and other kidnapping victims are being used for medical experiments . . . and in a particularly despicable act . . . pitted against violent criminals and psychopaths in lopsided gladiatorial fights to the death for, all the entertainment of certain elite Russian officials—whowager huge sums on the outcomes.  A Russian General named Viktor Sokolov—who’s the arch-villain of the yarn, as well as a confidante and mentor of Valdimir Putin, is an old adversary and bitter enemy of Jim Gale—and he  has special plans for Cassie whenthe hate filled Russian learns that his old enemy has a daughter.

The novel begins a bit slowly, but roars to a satisfying and stunning action-filled and electrifying conclusion that won’t leave readers hanging.  If you liked The Bourne novels you’re gonna love Sleeping Bear.  Take our word for it, Connor Sullivan is the real deal and we’re personally looking forward to many similar yarns from him in the future !!

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