Vital Lies

Mysterious Book Report No. 479

by John Dwaine McKenna

Vital Lies, (Thomas & Mercer, $24.95, 404 pages, ISBN 978-1-5420-3104-2), by  award-winning screen-writer, producer and author Daniel Pyne is a spy-thriller that begins with a flashback to December 3, 1990.  In East Berlin, at the Hohenschönhausen Prison, a young twenty year-old American woman named Aubrey Sentro stumbles toward freedom after being imprisoned and tortured for more than a year by the East German Secret Police . . . known as the Stasi.  The USSR has collapsed and the Berlin Wall is in the process of falling, while at the same time, the headquarters of state security is being looted and the political prisoners set free from their jail cells.  Sentro, is still suffering the effects of her time in captivity, is trying to make her way back to the American Sector and escape from a man named Günter Witt, a legendary Stasi officer known only by his code name “Pogo” to the CIA.  Aubrey Sentro is the lone American who has seen his face and can identify him.

The novel then fast-forwards to the present, where Pogo appears to have re-surfaced and is engineering terrorist mayhem.  Aubrey Sentro, now fifty years-old, retired from the CIA, and still suffering memory loss from her year of torture, joins in the race to find him. Her remote ranch in New Mexico is attacked by a Chechen terrorist and a Cuban sniper . . . who may, or may not be working with the missing Stasi mastermind.  In a pitched battle, Sentro and her daughter Jenny Troon, emerge unscathed, but her lover and hired hand is killed.  At the same time the old secret agent finds that she has lost none of the fighting skills she acquired during her time with the CIA.  From there, the story races back and forth across the globe as the one-time spy and her daughter attempt to re-establish her missing memories and find the master terrorist known as Pogo. The tension, the suspense and the drama will have readers racing through the pages to find out what happens next as the pair of unlikely heroines do their best to stop a monstrous act of butchery.  This one will leave you gasping !!


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