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Assassin’s Strike

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Assassin’s Strike Mysterious Book Report No. 413 by John Dwaine McKenna If you recognize the names Gabriel Allon, Bob Swagger, or Jason Bourne, you’re gonna love David Slayton.  He’s the protagonist and off-the-books secret agent good guy in Ward Larsen’s award-winning series featuring the lone wolf operator and notorious assassin. Assassin’s Strike, (Forge, $27.99, 336 pages, ISBN 978-0-76539156-8) by Ward Larsen, is the seventh and latest in the electrifying,

A Private Cathedral

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A Private Cathedral Mysterious Book Report No. 412 by John Dwaine McKenna Whenever CWA Grand Master and Guggenheim Fellowship recipient James Lee Burke brings forth a new work of fiction, the world of mystery, thriller and crime readers and writers sits up and takes notice.  We know it will be lyrically written and thought provoking . . . as well as exciting, violent and philosophical . . . all

Clean Hands

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Clean Hands Mysterious Book Report No. 411 by John Dwaine McKenna High finance, billion dollar banks and a Wall Street law firm on the brink of disaster . . . combined with a talented fixer, a determined, urbane and experienced warrior woman known for her smooth style, velvet touch and iron fist . . . and you’ll have just a few of the elements of a recent thriller entitled:

Patrick Hoffman-Author Interview

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Interview With The Author:  Patrick Hoffman by John Dwaine McKenna Hi everybody the MBR was fortunate enough to snag an interview with one of the best new young guns in thriller fiction, Patrick Hoffman.  He graciously took time out from the hectic schedule to share his insights and unique techniques with us in one of the most interesting interviews we’ve done to date.  So, with out further delay, here’s

Interview With Harry Dolan

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Interview With The Author:  Harry Dolan by John Dwaine McKenna With many other things to do, expert wordsmith Harry Dolan graciously took time away in order to grant us an interview today, so let’s start right in with a quick “Thank you,” and our first question . . . What do you write about? The short answer is that I write about crime. My first four novels were mysteries,

The Good Killer

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The Good Killer Mysterious Book Report No. 410 by John Dwaine McKenna The last item in the late CWA Grand Master Elmore Leonard’s famed “Ten Rules of Writing,” is this: Try to leave out the part readers tend to skip. What he meant in his tongue and cheek way, is don’t bore the reader with superficial, unneeded, and unwanted minutiae.  Keep driving the story forward with action and excitement.

Interview With Tom Young

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Interview With The Author: Tom Young  by John Dwaine McKenna   Hey out there to all our friends, fans, writers of all types and avid readers everywhere . . . Today we have a special item of interest for everyone; an interview with author Tom Young.  He’s the best novelist of World War II thrillers to cross the MBR’s desk since Jeff Shara or the late, great Phillip Kerr,

Silver Wings, Iron Cross

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Silver Wings, Iron Cross Mysterious Book Report No. 409 by John Dwaine McKenna Whether you’re a fan of history, action-adventure stories or hair-raising thrillers—maybe even all three, as I am—an exciting reading treat is in store for all those who get their hands on a copy of a new WWII thriller entitled, Silver Wings, Iron Cross, (Kensington Publishing, $27.00, 376 pages, ISBN 978-1-4967-3040-5) by Tom Young, whose work is

Illegal Holdings

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Illegal Holdings Mysterious Book Report No. 324 by John Dwaine McKenna Serendipity is the ability to make fortunate discoveries by accident . . . which is what happened here at the MBR when our mailbox, (P.O. Box 2406, Colorado Springs, CO 80901) yielded up an unsolicited new publication from a small independent press in Seattle, Washington, which brought a unique new character and a superb writer to our attention.


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Sunburn Mysterious Book Report No. 337 by John Dwaine McKenna Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of the warm weather season; a time for vacations, kicking back, relaxing and light summertime reading.  And hey, what could be better, we’re kicking it off with one of America’s most loved, respected and widely-read authors who’s always at the top of the NY Times bestseller lists. Sunburn, (William Morrow/Harper Collins, $26.99,

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