Sierra Six

Mysterious Book Report No. 476

by John Dwaine McKenna

Best-selling author, and a favorite of ours, Mark Greaney, has hit it out of the park with his newest “Gray Man” novel. Number eleven in the series,  it’s a blockbuster in which the high octane action starts immediately and never stops.

Sierra Six, (Berkley Press, $28.00, 528 pages, ISBN 978-0-593-098999-8), features Court Gentry, the aforementioned Gray Man—who’s a principled assassin with a unique moral code—in two roles of what is actually a double yarn in one novel.  In the first story, which takes place in the present time, Court is on a lone wolf mission in Algeria that he contracted for on the dark web through a broker.  It’s supposed to be simple and easy, but like everything in his clandestine life, it doesn’t go as planned,  when he sees a someone who’s been dead for a decade.  The man’s name is Murad Khan, and he’s a terrorist mastermind.  The incident kicks off a second story, which happened twelve years in the past, when Court Gentry, the lone wolf killer was assigned to a CIA paramilitary team known as Sierra Six.  Their mission was to stop an attack by terrorists who planned to use a series of radioactive dirty bombs against American forces.  But Gentry has problems integrating into such a tight knit military unit . . . causing major friction with the team.  But he’s deployed to Pakistan anyway, because of his ability to kill efficiently and effectively without conscience.  Thereafter, the novel moves back and forth between past and present as Mr. Greaney uses those long ago events to explain Gentry’s current mission of personal vengeance.  If you’re a fan of Clancy, Flynn, or Ludlum, Mark Greaney is gonna be your next MFA, most favorite author.  Oh Yeah.  He will!!

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