Neversink Chronicles
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The Neversink Chronicles

The Neversink Chronicles is seventeen linked fictional stories that outline, define and cover the conflict between water needs, property rights and human rights in an enjoyable, entertaining and highly readable manner by illustrating the lives of ordinary citizens caught in the conflict as New York City takes their property in its relentless quest for water. It’s powerful, provocative, and impossible to put down.

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Kathy Hare from the New Falcon Herald had this to say about John Dwaine McKenna’s The Neversink Chronicles: 

“…read “The Neversink Chronicles.” It deserves to be on “The New York Times Best Sellers” list. Let’s help put it there!”  Read Kathy’s full article HERE.

A belated, but still energetic congratulations on your writer award and all of the accolades so richly deserved and honestly won.  Your ‘chronicles’ are still in circulation among the literati and energetic beer drinkers here on Rocky Hill, with these denizens of drink eagerly awaiting the next offering from you.

I have to say and this was the 2nd reason for contacting you, how rich and exciting the MBR’s have been lately as it seems a new burst of energy has assaulted your writers garret, anyway Steve Hamilton is here at Daniel Pierce this Friday and with your endorsement.  I’m going to the library.

Miles Ellison
Retired history professor


So there I was, surfing on my Kindle to download some summer reading and came across this title, “Neversink Chronicles.”  I’m thinking, there just aren’t that many folks out there who ever heard of Neversink, much less been there.  McKenna and me!  So I look further and discover it’s your work, so I download and am about half way done.  Congratulations, nice work, I understand you are working on yet another book.  I will look forward to it.

Bill Callis
Scottsdale, AZ


What a magnificent piece of writing. Once again, congratulations. Obviously, the last chapter was absolutely chilling!
Eric Bernstein
High School Principal