International turmoil, Cloak-and-Dagger Operations, and political chaos.  These are entertaining thrillers.

Flight of the Fox

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Just in case you’re wondering, we’ll be re-running some of our best and most popular book reviews every other week from now on.  They will be described as our Legacy Mysterious Book Reports.  Send us a quick request if you have a favorite that you’d like to see again and we’ll do our best to re-publish it.   Legacy Mysterious Book Report No. 2 Published July 2018 MBR 343

The Handler

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The Handler Mysterious Book Report No. 491 by John Dwaine McKenna The Handler, (Penguin Random House, $27.00, 448 pages, ISBN  978-0-5934-4163-3), by M.P. Woodward, is written by a debut author whose real-life experiences as a Naval Intelligence Officer working with U.S. Special Forces, CIA and NSA clandestine operations through-out the Middle East, Persian Gulf and Far East, makes Mr. Woodward exquisitely well qualified to write about the covert doings

The Berlin Exchange

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The Berlin Exchange Mysterious Book Report No. 486 by John Dwaine McKenna What happens to a traitorous American, a scientist who spied for the Soviet Union and gave up our atomic bomb secrets, when he’s released after ten years in a British prison in the U.K., swapped for a busload of political prisoners and sent to East Germany?  That’s the opening premise of The Berlin Exchange, (Scribner, $28.00, 320


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Undermoney Mysterious Book Report No. 482 by John Dwaine McKenna Undermoney, (Scribner, $30.00, 484 pages, ISBN 978-1-9821-5602-2), by Jay Newman, is a complex, fascinating and frightening novel of politics, warped patriotism, ambition and ultra amounts of wealth and money by a writer who is infinitely familiar with the subject because he’s spent 45 years swimming among the sharks of high finance, hedge funds and edgy government officials. The word

Vital Lies

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Vital Lies Mysterious Book Report No. 479 by John Dwaine McKenna Vital Lies, (Thomas & Mercer, $24.95, 404 pages, ISBN 978-1-5420-3104-2), by  award-winning screen-writer, producer and author Daniel Pyne is a spy-thriller that begins with a flashback to December 3, 1990.  In East Berlin, at the Hohenschönhausen Prison, a young twenty year-old American woman named Aubrey Sentro stumbles toward freedom after being imprisoned and tortured for more than a

Sierra Six

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Sierra Six Mysterious Book Report No. 476 by John Dwaine McKenna Best-selling author, and a favorite of ours, Mark Greaney, has hit it out of the park with his newest “Gray Man” novel. Number eleven in the series,  it’s a blockbuster in which the high octane action starts immediately and never stops. Sierra Six, (Berkley Press, $28.00, 528 pages, ISBN 978-0-593-098999-8), features Court Gentry, the aforementioned Gray Man—who’s a

The Matchmaker : A Spy in Berlin

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The Matchmaker: A Spy In Berlin Mysterious Book Report No. 474 by John Dwaine McKenna The Matchmaker: A Spy in Berlin, (Pegasus Crime, $25.99, 352 pages, ISBN 978-1-643313-865-7), by Paul Vidich, opens in 1989 and life, as she knew it, is about to change forever for an American woman named Anne Simpson. She’s living in West Berlin, speaks several languages, works as a translator at the Joint Allied Refugee

Assassin’s Strike

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Assassin’s Strike Mysterious Book Report No. 413 by John Dwaine McKenna If you recognize the names Gabriel Allon, Bob Swagger, or Jason Bourne, you’re gonna love David Slayton.  He’s the protagonist and off-the-books secret agent good guy in Ward Larsen’s award-winning series featuring the lone wolf operator and notorious assassin. Assassin’s Strike, (Forge, $27.99, 336 pages, ISBN 978-0-76539156-8) by Ward Larsen, is the seventh and latest in the electrifying,

Damascus Station

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Damascus Station Mysterious Book Report No. 464 by John Dwaine McKenna Damascus Station, (Norton, $27.95, 400 pages, ISBN 978-0-393-88104-2) by former CIA analyst David McCloskey, features a CIA case officer named Sam Joseph, who in his second espionage adventure is attempting to recruit a Syrian woman named Mariam Haddad, a highly placed official working for the Syrian Secret Service called the Mukhabarat. The story begins in Paris, France, where

False Flag

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False Flag Mysterious Book Report No. 322 by John Dwaine McKenna In the world of espionage, The business of spies is lies, which makes it impossible at times, to distinguish between friend and foe . . . because all covert operations are designed to advance the interests and objectives of the spying country.  Put it another way and the axiom becomes: TRUST NO ONE.  They all lie all the

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