The Downside-Legacy Report No. 44

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Just in case you’re wondering, we’ll be re-running some of our best and most popular book reviews every other week from now on.  They will be described as our Legacy Mysterious Book Reports.  Send us a quick request if you have a favorite that you’d like to see again and we’ll do our best to re-publish it. The Downside Legacy Mysterious Book Report No. 44 Mysterious Book Report No.

The Downside

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The Downside Mysterious Book Report No. 316 by John Dwaine McKenna The MBR is kicking off the New Year 2018 with one of the best caper novels to come our way since The Sting was made into a movie back in 1973. It features one of the most unique bad guys in current crime fiction. His name is Finn and he’s a professional thief who calls himself the last

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