Mysterious Book Report No. 308 – A Game of Ghosts

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A Game of Ghosts by John Connolly Atria/Emily Bestler Books, $26.99, 464 pages, ISBN 978-1-5011-7189-5 We’ve saved the best for last. Our final submission for this years MBR Freak Fest is by the undisputed heavyweight king of Gothic Noir Crime Fiction. His name is John Connolly. He’s an Irish writer who’s been atop worldwide best sellers charts for ages. His Charlie Parker private eye series is noirish crime fiction

Mysterious Book Report No. 300 – American Static

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American Static by Tom Pitts Down & Out Books, PB $17.95, 307 pages, ISBN 978-1-943402-84-7 The Mysterious Book Report has reached another milestone with this, our 300th review. It’s taken a little more than six years and a couple of hundred thousand words to get to this point, so we wanted to mark the occasion with something special . . . something out of the ordinary . . .

Mysterious Book Report No. 296 – Bad Boy Boogie

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Bad Boy Boogie by Thomas Pluck Down and Out Books, PB, $17.95, 334 pages, ISBN 978-1-943402-59-5 For all of my adult life, New Jersey was a place I landed in and took off from at Newark International, rented a car and headed up the Garden State Parkway, bound for the family homestead in the Catskills. Jersey was a place overcrowded with traffic, bad roads and wretched, impatient, sue-happy drivers

Mysterious Book Report No. 291 – The Lioness Is The Hunter

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The Lioness is the Hunter by Loren D. Estleman Forge/McMillan, $25.99, 246 pages, ISBN 978-0-7653-8845-2 The battered city of Detroit, Michigan seems like the perfect setting for a beat-down, cynical and wise-cracking private eye who’d be considered a real loser . . . if he wasn’t so damn good at solving the toughest cases in the face of near-impossible conditions. His name is Amos Walker and he’s as hard-boiled

Mysterious Book Report No. 288 – What You Break

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What You Break by Reed Farrel Coleman Putnam/Penguin Random House, $27.00, 357 pages, ISBN 978-0-399-17304-2 One year ago—May 2016—in MBR No. 246, we alerted our readers to a new, compelling and haunting crime fiction character by the name of Gus Murphy. He’s the embodiment of the noir persona, a man dealing with a boatload of personal pain and grief, while living and operating on the gritty south shore of

Mysterious Book Report No. 286 – Desperation Road

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Desperation Road by Michael Farris Smith Lee Boudreaux Books/Little Brown and Company, $26.00, 287 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-35303-8 Some writers have such a firm understanding of their sense of place and are able to write about it with such authenticity, that the reader is transported there in mind as she or he processes the printed words . . . almost seeing, hearing, and touching the people, places and events of

Mysterious Book Report No. 276 – The Far Empty

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The Far Empty by J. Todd Scott Putnam/Penguin, $26.00, 425 pages, ISBN 978-0-399-17634-0 This week’s MBR is written on the day after what’s already being called The most dramatic Super Bowl ever played: number LI, or fifty-one in Arabic numerals. It was the greatest comeback in playoff football history . . . and an apt comparison to what has to be one of the best, and most dramatic noir

Mysterious Book Report No. 271 – Dancing With The Tiger

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Dancing With The Tiger by Lili Wright Miriam Wood/Putnam Penguin Random House, $26.00, 453 pages, ISBN 978-0-399-17517-6 Today, in nearly every corner of the world, works of art are being stolen, forged or destroyed by persons of the criminal classes. They are rapacious, greedy, ignorant and uncaring of the fact that their crimes are against all of humanity—for all time—because each piece of art is unique and cannot be

Mysterious Book Report No. 264 – My Bad a mile high noir

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My Bad, a mile high noir by Manuel Ramos Arte Publico Press, $17.95, 248 pages, ISBN 978-1-55885-833-6 The word noir (pronounced NWAR) comes from the French. Its literal translation is black, but it can be interpreted as dark or wicked. As it applies to the Mysterious Book Report, it’s a type of crime fiction that’s characterized by cynicism, fatalism and moral ambiguity. The noir genre has become so popular

Mysterious Book Report No. 257 – Night Work

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Night Work by David C. Taylor Forge/Tom Doherty, $25.99, 318 pages, ISBN 978-0-7653-7485-1 Author David C. Taylor hit the literary ground running last year when his first crime-fiction novel entitled Night Life, featuring tough-guy Michael Cassidy was first published.  Cassidy’s a classic, Phillip Marlowe kind of detective, working the mean streets of 1950s New York City at a time when the Cold War—with it’s potential threat of nuclear Armageddon—was