Mysterious Book Report No. 315 – The Ghosts Of Galway

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The Ghosts of Galway by Ken Bruen Mysterious Press, $25.00, 330 pages, ISBN 978-0-8021-2733-4 We’re winding up the year here at the Mysterious Book Report with one of our favorite Irish authors. His name is Ken Bruen; a writer who’s witty, campy and filled to the brim with what can only be called Irish Noir. It’s a mixture of delicacy, violence, grief and guilt as depicted by his iconic,

Mysterious Book Report No. 279 – The Emerald Lie

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The Emerald Lie by Ken Bruen Mysterious Press/Grove Atlantic, $25.00, 345 pages, ISBN 978-0-8021-2546-0 For the past few reviews the MBR has had a string of first time authors . . . so we thought a change of pace was in order for this week, and we’re going with an old favorite, an Irish writer with more than thirty books to his name and a boatload of awards and

Mysterious Book Report No. 244 – Purgatory

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Purgatory by Ken Bruen Mysterious Press, $24.00, 278 pages, ISBN 978-0-8021-2607-8 Once the envy of the entire world soon after the millennium, the Celtic Tiger has died in Ken Bruen’s 2013 novel Purgatory, and been replaced with an Ireland that can only be described as circling the economic drain. With jobs non-existent, crime is rampant, the young professionals are emmigrating and real estate has sunk to such low prices

Mysterious Book Report No. 207 – Green Hell

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Green Hell by Ken Bruen Mysterious Press-Grove/Atlantic, $25.00, 232 pages, ISBN 978-0-8021-2356-5 It’s no secret that I have a Jones for contemporary Irish writers of crime fiction, reading and reviewing their work whenever possible. Atop the pantheon in my opinion is a capricious, ever unpredictable, but always exceptional creative genius by the name of Ken Bruen. He’s the author of thirty-some novels, a collaborator on several more, and the

Mysterious Book Report No. 46 – Headstone

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Headstone By Ken Bruen Mysterious Press, 256 pages, $24.00, ISBN 978-0-80-1212600-9 I’m sitting here in Colorado Springs, munching on Irish soda bread and preparing MBR Number 46, and hey, guess what . . . it’s by one of the outstanding Irish crime fiction writers in the field today.  His name is Ken Bruen, and one of his best and most interesting serial characters is an infamous and much maligned

Mysterious Book Report No. 17 – London Boulevard

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London Boulevard by Ken Bruen (Minotaur, 2009, $24.99, 250 pages, ISBN 978-0-312-56168-0) With all the hoo-hah, fubaring and gigantic jug-flinging coming from our nation’s capitol these days, as well as daily displays of incompetence and rooster-crowing by our elected representatives of every stripe . . . I just had to take a break from the news and current events.  So, paraphrasing John Prine, (one of my wife June’s favorite

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