Author Interview -Vito Rancanelli

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  Interview With The Author: Vito Racanelli by John Dwaine McKenna  Today’s guest is a newsman, foreign correspondent and bureau chief turned thriller writer named Vito Rancanelli, whose new novel,  The Man in Milan, is reviewed in Mysterious Book Report No. 422. His insights reflect his vast work experience and a continental point-of-view that will present our fans and MBR readers with a refreshing new perspective on the writer’s

The Man In Milan

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The Man In Milan Mysterious Book Report No. 422 by John Dwaine McKenna An execution-style murder of an Italian air force officer and diplomat on Sutton Place —in one of New York City’s most expensive mid-Manhattan neighborhoods—begins author Vito Rancanelli’s electrifying new thriller entitled, The Man in Milan, (Polis Books, $26.99, 336 pages, ISBN 978-1-951709-11-1). As NYPD Detective Paul Rossi and his partner, Detective Hamilton P. Turner investigate however,

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