The Bomb Maker

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The Bomb Maker Mysterious Book Report No. 328 by John Dwaine McKenna One way to judge the character of a hero is by assessing the nature of his or her adversary.  The wickeder the villain, the more courageous the protagonist will appear to be, because conflict creates drama, and it is the following sequence of events . . . emotional, turbulent or tragic . . . which keeps readers

Mysterious Book Report No. 284 – The Old Man

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The Old Man By Thomas Perry Mysterious Press/Grove Atlantic, $26.00, 337 pages, ISBN 978-0-80212585-6 Sixty some years ago, when I was just a boy back in the ‘50s, every year at Thanksgiving my parents would take me and my two younger brothers for “Turkey-Day” at my Great-Aunt Ruth’s house down in Westchester County. Pop would fill up the trunk of the car with a present of seasoned, cut and

Mysterious Book Report No. 107 – The Boyfriend

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The Boyfriend by Thomas Perry Mysterious Press, $25.00, 298 pages, ISBN 978-0-8021-2606-1 There are people in the world who are so expert in their chosen fields of work that they have the skill and the ability to make the most difficult tasks look easy.  You know the ones I mean: the accountant who takes the most insurmountable stack of receipts and sloppy bookkeeping and turn them into an on-time,

Mysterious Book Report No. 60 – More Summer Reading

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Hey everyone, this is a continuation of last week’s column, MBR NO. 59, about summer reading suggestions.  Last week we had 1. Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, 2. Amped, by Daniel Wilson, and 3. The Third Gate, by Lincoln Child. Here’s seven more to fill out your summer reading list. 4.  Broken Harbor, (Viking, $27.95) by Tana French, features detective Mick Kennedy and the Dublin Murder Squad trying to

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