Michael Kardos

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Interview With The Author: Michael Kardos by John Dwaine McKenna With many thanks, our interview this week is with Michael Kardos, the Pushcart Prize- winning author of Bluff, who holds degrees from Princeton, Ohio State, and the University of Missouri. He lives in Mississippi, where he teaches creative writing at Mississippi State. Somehow, he’s also found the time to write three other novels, a story collection and a text

Mysterious Book Report No. 82 – The Three Day Affair

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The Three Day Affair by Michael Kardos Mysterious Press, $24.00, 249 pages, ISBN 978-0-8021-2026-7 One of the things I try to do each week in the Mysterious Book Report is to find new and interesting authors to review.  The reason is because we’re looking for our next favorite author, rather than covering the old favorites . . . who’re already getting plenty of ink from the relentless publicity departments

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