The Second Life of Nick Mason-Legacy Report No. 23

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Just in case you’re wondering, we’ll be re-running some of our best and most popular book reviews every other week from now on.  They will be described as our Legacy Mysterious Book Reports.  Send us a quick request if you have a favorite that you’d like to see again and we’ll do our best to re-publish it. Legacy Mysterious Book Report No. 23 Published February 6, 2017 The Second

Dead Man Running

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Dead Man Running Mysterious Book Report No. 358 by John Dwaine McKenna We’ve said it before, and we’ll no doubt say it again, because it’s one of the elements that makes for great drama, as well as the most compelling plots in all of literature . . . and it’s especially true in crime fiction:  The more evil the villain—the more heroic the protagonist.  Put another way; in order

The Second Life Of Nick Mason

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Mysterious Book Report No. 254 The Second Life of Nick Mason by John Dwaine McKenna Author Steve Hamilton’s Alex McKnight series won an Edgar Award and captured a boatload of other major crime fiction distinctions, including two listings on the New York Times notable books of the year roster. Pretty impressive, to say the least. Now, he’s begun a new series with an anti-hero protagonist that’s creating an earthquake

Mysterious Book Report No. 124 – Let It Burn

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Let It Burn by Steve Hamilton Minotaur Books, $25.99, 276 pages, ISBN 978-0-312-64022-4 One thing you may not have picked up from all the cops n’ robbers shows we all watch nightly on the telly—as we have since we’ve had television, and the radio dramas before them, is this: all arresting and prosecuting officers of the law take a keen interest in the whereabouts of the miscreants they’ve put

Mysterious Book Report No. 53 – Die A Stranger

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Die A Stranger by Steve Hamilton Minotaur Books, $25.99, 278 pages, ISBN 978-0-312-64021-7 We reviewed Mr. Hamilton’s most recent Edgar Winner The Lock Artist last week, and this week we’ll review his newest work, Die A Stranger, the latest, in his acclaimed Alex McKnight series.  It takes place in northern Michigan, where McKnight is living a quiet life, making his living renting cabins to tourists.  As the book begins,

Mysterious Book Report No. 52 – The Lock Artist

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The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton Minotaur Books, $14.99, 304 pages, ISBN 978-0-312-38042-7 Over the next three or four weeks, who knows, maybe longer, we’ll review some of the novels, and the novelists, who’ve been awarded and Edgar.  The Edgars are given each spring by the Mystery Writers of America (MWA) for the best mysteries of the year in several categories, but our focus will be on two of

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