Basil’s War

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Basil’s War Mysterious Book Report No. 447 by John Dwaine McKenna Author Stephen Hunter—who wrote the popular and best-selling series featuring a Viet Nam era sniper named Bob Lee Swagger—has just come up with a new character from an earlier and bigger conflict, whose name is Basil St. Florian.  He’s a WWII British Army Captain, a master of wit, wine and women . . . as well as a

Mysterious Book Report No. 299 – G-Man

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G-Man by Stephen Hunter Blue Rider Press/ Penguin Random House, $27.00, 443 pages, ISBN 978-0-399-57460-3 The Great Depression of the 1930s was a time of unrelenting misery, hardship and economic deprivation. It was an era that left indelible scars upon all who lived through it, for who could forget the massive unemployment, the endless bread lines, or the dislocation and migration of tens of thousands of impoverished farmers who’d

Mysterious Book Report No. 197 – Sniper’s Honor

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Sniper’s Honor by Stephen Hunter Simon & Schuster, $27.99, 416 pages, ISBN 978-1-4516-40212 Earlier this year, the world’s attention was riveted on a movie depicting the life and times of an American serviceman named Chris Kyle—the deadliest sniper in US Army history, with 160 confirmed kills. Suddenly, there was a national debate about the morality of lying in ambush and killing enemy combatants at long range with high-powered rifles

Mysterious Book Report No. 109 – The Third Bullet

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The Third Bullet by Stephen Hunter Simon & Shuster, $26.99, 485 pages, ISBN 978-1-4516-4020-5 This November twenty-second will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth president of the United   States.  For those of us who are old enough to remember that horrific day and its aftermath, it hardly seems possible that so much time has passed.  In the words of a popular

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