Blue Light of Yokohama-Legacy Report 19

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Just in case you’re wondering, we’ll be re-running some of our best and most popular book reviews every other week from now on.  They will be described as our Legacy Mysterious Book Reports.  Send us a quick request if you have a favorite that you’d like to see again and we’ll do our best to re-publish it. Legacy Mysterious Book Report No. 18 Published May 5, 2017 Blue Light

Blue Light Yokohama

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The Blue Light of Yokohama Mysterious Book Report No. 285 by John Dwaine McKenna Every now and then, a forthcoming book generates so much pre-publication interest that the MBR wants to get a look at it at the earliest possible date. If an ARC, or Advance Readers (i.e. Reviewers) Copy isn’t readily available, we can sometimes spend some extra money and get a true first edition from the British,

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