Mysterious Book Report No. 374 – Swann’s Down

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Swann’s Down by Charles Salzberg Down & Out Books, PB, $17.95, 300 pages, ISBN 978-1-64396-011-1 In the newly-released fifth adventure of tough guy and skip tracer Henry Swann: Swann’s Down, by Charles Salzberg, the New York City based PI is hired by Goldblatt, his offbeat, cheapskate and difficult partner, to locate a missing psychic who’s swindled his ex-wife, Rachel, out of a boatload of money.  Reluctantly, Swann agrees—not because

Mysterious Book Report No. 367 – Restoration Heights

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Restoration Heights by Wil Medearis Hanover Square Press, $26.99, 330 pages, ISBN 978-1-335-21872-8 Gentrification is a recently coined term that describes the displacement of blue collar, working-class residents from their long established city neighborhoods by newer and wealthier persons who’ve moved in and bought houses where the people with less money used to live. It’s a contributing cause of homelessness, and it’s happening in every major city in America.

Mysterious Book Report No. 347 – American History

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American History by J.L. Abramo Down & Out Books, PB, $18.95, 362 pages, ISBN 978-1-946502-70-4 The twentieth century may go down in history as the most epochal of all time.  It’s already the most fascinating, pivotal and the most consequential of eras because it was without doubt the bloodiest one ever.  Now, in a brand new piece of intricate crime fiction, the twentieth century is encapsulated by following the

Mysterious Book Report No. 306 – The Changeling

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The Changeling by Victor LaValle Spiegel & Grau/ Penguin Random House, $28.00, 431 pages, ISBN 978-0-8129-9594-7 It’s become a tradition. Each October, in observance of All Hallows Eve, the Dia de los Muertos and JDM’s birthday—which is on Halloween—the MBR reviews works of the paranormal, otherworldly and unexplained. The weird, supernatural and bizarre stuff that’s outside of our usual focus on murder, mayhem and mankind’s general savagery. All in

Mysterious Book Report No. 298 – Lucky

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Lucky by Henry Chang Soho Press, $24.95, 218 pages, ISBN 978-1-61695-784-1 New York City’s Chinatown is the home turf of NYPD Detective Jack Yu, the beleaguered serial character created by author Henry Chang, and a personal favorite of the MBR, because the pragmatic and altruistic Chinese-American crime fighter operates in one of the most violent, superstitious, drug and gang-infested, as well as racially-prejudiced environments on planet earth without losing

Mysterious Book Report No. 251 – City Of Rose

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City of Rose by Rob Hart Polis Books, PB, $14.95, 270 pages, ISBN 978-1-940610-51-1 Is there any place on earth after you’ve grown up living in New York City . . . or anyplace you’d rather be . . . after growing up and living in New York City? It’s a conundrum for Ash McKenna, the self-described human wrecking ball and unskilled, but productive private investigator who’s damned good

Mysterious Book Report No. 228 – Run You Down

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Run You Down by Julia Dahl Minotaur Books, $25.99, 278 pages, ISBN 978-1-250-04340-5 The word Haredi is literally translated from the Hebrew as “One who trembles in awe at the word of God.” The Haredim are “Members of any various Orthodox Jewish sects characterized by strict adherence to the traditional form of Jewish Law and the rejection of modern secular culture,” according to the Oxford Dictionary of English language.

Mysterious Book Report No. 227 – House of Echoes

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House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy Ballentine Books/ Random House, $26.00, 383 pages, ISBN 978-0-8041-7811-2 What do you do when your world gets turned upside down? For most of us the answer is easy, but hard: you start over. And that’s exactly what Ben Tierney, his wife Caroline, and their eight-year-old son Charlie decide to do after novelist Ben’s new book stalls out, Caroline loses her prestigious Wall Street

Mysterious Book Report No. 222 – The Whites

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The Whites by Richard Price Henry Holt, $28.00, 333 pages, ISBN 978-0-8050-9399-5 In a well-run, perfectly organized society, no crime would go unsolved, no criminal would go unpunished and no victim would go without redress. Perhaps, if indeed such an exemplary place existed, there wouldn’t be any crime or criminals. . . . But of course we don’t live in anything close to a utopian ideal. Our world is,

Mysterious Book Report No. 218 – New Yorked

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New Yorked by Rob Hart Polis Books, PB, $14.95, 291 pages, ISBN 978-1-940610-40-5 Welcome! This is the Mysterious Book Report, a weekly column where we talk about, analyze and feature books and authors dealing with Mysteries, Crime Fiction and an occasional Sci-Fi or Supernatural Thriller. We’re going to discuss the latest in Spy Novels, dysfunctional, but brilliant detectives and all sorts of private eyes, shady lawyers, amateur sleuths and