The Berlin Exchange

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The Berlin Exchange Mysterious Book Report No. 486 by John Dwaine McKenna What happens to a traitorous American, a scientist who spied for the Soviet Union and gave up our atomic bomb secrets, when he’s released after ten years in a British prison in the U.K., swapped for a busload of political prisoners and sent to East Germany?  That’s the opening premise of The Berlin Exchange, (Scribner, $28.00, 320

Mysterious Book Report No. 331 – Defectors

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Defectors by Joseph Kanon ATRIA BOOKS/Simon & Schuster, $27.00, 290 pages, ISBN 978-1-5011-2139-5 In light of all the nic-nac paddy-whacking that’s been going on for weeks . . . or is it months . . . or, OMG . . . years now about Russia and who did what to whom, and the when, where, why and how until we’re all sick to death of hearing about it, the

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