Mysterious Book Report No. 198 – A Scourge Of Vipers

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A Scourge of Vipers by Bruce DeSilva Forge / Tom Doherty Associates, $25.99. 315 pages, ISBN 978-0-7653-7431-8 In the food for thought department, here’s a juicy little nugget to chew on: Remember when gambling was underground, illegal and in the hands of organized crime? Now it’s legal, and available most everywhere, but in my opinion, still in the hands of organized crime . . . called government. Look anywhere

Mysterious Book Report No. 161 – Providence Rag

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Providence Rag by Bruce DeSilva Forge/Tom Doherty & Associates, $25.99, 351 pages, ISBN 978-0-7653-7429-5 One of my favorite literary characters and amateur sleuths is a wise-cracking, cigar-chomping, hometown-homeboy ace investigative reporter and crime-fighting journalist by the name of Liam Mulligan.  He’s based in Providence, Rhode Island, working for a venerated, one hundred forty year old newspaper that’s barely managing to stay afloat, thanks mostly to the publisher’s deep sense

Mysterious Book Report No. 64 – Cliff Walk

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Cliff Walk by Bruce DeSilva Forge, $24.99, 318 pages, ISBN 978-0-7653-3237-0 While the daily papers are in trouble, the weeklies are just fine at present, as they’re vehicles for hometown news and advertising and operate on a skeletal budget, dependent on volunteerism to put out each edition.  The plain truth of the matter is that all of the downsizing and bankruptcies have put a helluva lot of writers and

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