Two Nights In Lisbon

Mysterious Book Report No. 501

by John Dwaine McKenna

What would you do?   How would you react?  If your spouse went for a walk one morning while you slept in . . . and was kidnapped?  But that’s not all.  Suppose the two of you are in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the language, you don’t have any idea of the laws, nor your rights as a non-citizen.  Then, just when you begin to have a glimmer of hope, the ransom demand comes—and it’s a crushing amount—a sum that’s denominated in the millions of dollars, far, far beyond your means.  That’s the nightmarish situation a woman named Ariel Pryce finds herself in at the beginning of best-selling, Edgar award-winning author Chris Pavone’s newest thriller entitled Two Nights in Lisbon, (MCD, $28.00, 448 pages, ISBN 978-0-374-60476-9).

On the morning of her first day in Lisbon, Portugal, Ariel Pryce awakens to find that her husband John Wright is missing.  He’s there on business . . . she’s there to spend some time with him.  When she reports his absence, both the Lisbon Police Department detectives and the CIA are immediately suspicious.  They ask her why there are no witnesses or video evidence of a crime being committed, why did Pryce change her name a few years ago and lastly, what about John Wright’s service time with the CIA?  As the story is slowly revealed layer by layer and bit by bit, new details emerge that complicate the murky details of the supposed kidnapping.  For example, when Pryce comes up with two million Euros, a convoluted trail leads back to an individual who’s not named, but is being vetted to be named Vice President of the United States . . . a man who will eventually be the President.

With every sentence, with every paragraph, and with every page, in alternating points-of-view and shifts back and forth in time, the novel races to an unexpected, unforeseen and unusual conclusion that will keep the readers guessing to the last page.  You’ll find yourself rooting for justice to the bitter end!!


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