The Stolen Hours

Mysterious Book Report No. 470

by John Dwaine McKenna

The Stolen Hours, (Mulholland Books, $28.00, 311 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-70349-9), by Allen Eskens, is a riveting and twisted law and order thriller featuring three determined, strong women that’s a tour de force of psychology—as well as an intense look into the mind of a cunning rapist and stone cold serial killer.  His name is Gavin Spencer, and the cops believe he’s the one who dumped the bodies of three women in the Mississippi River in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area . . . but the hell of it is . . . they can’t prove it.  That’s when a woman named Lila Nash—who’s about to land the job she’s always dreamt about: working for the Hennepin County Minnesota District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor—is given the case of Sadie Vaulk.  Sadie’s a woman who was drugged with GHB, gamma hydroxybutyrate, or “liquid ecstasy” also known as the date rape drug because the victim has no memory of the event, then abused and thrown in the river to drown.  But  she doesn’t.  She somehow manages to swim to shore and live.  Her case is investigated by a Minneapolis police detective named Nikki Vang, who knows she has the right suspect . . . but as any good cop will admit . . . knowing who is one thing but proving how is another . . . because Spencer has been careful, crafting, and calculating with his kills, leaving no clues.  The third and last woman is Andi Fitch, Lila’s tough as nails boss prosecutor who shows the younger woman what it really takes to convict criminals.  But there’s a problem.  It’s a big and dirty secret that Lila Nash has been carrying around for eight years . . . and something about Gavin Spencer is nagging at the back of her mind, but she can’t quite remember . . .

The Stolen Hours is an edge-of-your-seat thriller from a master wordsmith who will leave you hungry for Lila’s next case.


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