Kill Chain

Mysterious Book Report No. 426

by John Dwaine McKenna

A “Kill Chain” is the military description for combat in three phases: One, determining what’s happening, Two, deciding what to do about it, and Three, taking action.  It’s also a term that’s now used by electronic security experts to describe, intercept and prevent intrusion and theft from computer systems of information, money, or both.  Simply put—the kill chain must be broken in order to prevent a successful attack from outside.

In author Dominic Martell’s newest thriller—and fourth of the series—entitled Kill Chain, (Dunn, $24.95, 336 pages, ISBN 978-1-9519-3804-8), the writer revisits a character named Pascual Rose, a former terrorist who’s been living quietly in the Catalonia region of Spain for the past twenty years, regretting his former life, but not quite repenting from it, while ekeing out a living translating legal documents.

His quiet, humble life is upended without warning however, when a menacing pair of operatives calling themselves ‘Lila’ and ‘Felix’, track Pascual down and offer him a carrot and stick deal he can’t refuse.  The carrot . . . one million dollars in an untraceable bank account in the Cayman Islands.  The stick?   “We will kill your wife and son.”  All Pascual has to do is travel to various tax havens in Europe and around the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, where he’ll open bank accounts using his real name, with seed money provided by the pair of thugs.  Their plan is to steal an epic amount of funds in a cyber attack.  As Pascual travels, he’s approached by a tough and beautiful woman named Artemisa Pereda, who turns out to be a lawyer.  She alerts Pascual to an international scheme of lies, corruption and murder involving several countries, informing him of dangers he’s not likely to survive.  And all of a sudden, Pascual is in the clutches of the German Police, the Spanish Police and some evil Russian gangsters . . . as well as the diabolic Lila and Felix . . . while the Kill Chain gets longer, and the attacks more frequent and deadly in this kinetic, propulsive and electrifying international thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page . . . and looking for the next caper from author Dominic Martel and the wily Pascual Rose!


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