Mysterious Book Report The Gods of GuiltThe Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly

Little Brown, $28.00, 387 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-06951-9

The Mysterious Book Report this week is another by the prolific best seller, Michael Connelly, everybody’s favorite mystery writer.  That’s because he’s able to regularly turn out original works that Just Get It, in the words of one of my favorite cop buddys.

The Gods of Guilt,  by Michael Connelly is a courtroom drama featuring Mickey Haller, AKA The Lincoln Lawyer.  In this one, Haller lands a murder case with a client who can afford to pay his fees—an unusual occurrence. It’s a referral from one of his former clients, a prostitute Haller helped to get out of ‘the life” as it is called, about eight years earlier.  The defendant in the current murder case is a gay man who creates and manages websites for escort services . . . a sort of electronic pimp, because he shares in the fees the escorts, both male and female, earn.  The murdered woman is the same prostitute who referred the accused man, and whom Haller thought he had saved, but she was back in the life under a different name.  She’d been served with a subpoena to give a deposition in regards to a violent Mexican drug lord who’s trying to get his conviction overturned, claiming that he was framed, and wrongly sent to prison.  As his client languishes in jail, Haller and his associates race to figure out who did what to whom before it’s too late, before an innocent man dies or gets sentenced to life in prison.  At the same time, the drug lord’s case in slowly drawing Haller in deeper.  You’ll have a front row seat and watch as Haller makes his case before ‘The Gods of Guilt,’ the twelve men and women of the jury who have to decide the fate of the accused.  Like all of Connelly’s works, this one will both entertain and educate you as you go along for the ride with one of the slickest characters in crime fiction, Mickey Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer.


John Dwaine McKenna