Mysterious Book Report  SuspicionSuspicion by Joseph Finder

Dutton Penguin Random House, $27.95, 387 pages, ISBN 978-0-525-95460-6

There’s times, it seems, in everyone’s life when there’s just not enough money on hand to pay all the bills coming due. The reasons for this, and the excuses, are many and various, but the bottom line is called insolvency . . . and no matter how badly you want to . . . you just can’t pay. Panic sets in. You’re trapped with no way out. That’s the position single father Danny Goodman finds himself in when he’s unable to pay the tuition for his daughter’s exclusive private school in Boston.

Suspicion, by Joseph Finder, is the story of a man trying to do the best for his child. Desperate and with nowhere to turn for help, he accepts a $50,000 check on a handshake deal from Tom Galvin, the father of Abby Goodman’s best friend Jenna, and one of Boston’s wealthiest hedge fund money managers.

As soon as he deposits the check in his bank account however, Danny Goodman’s nightmare begins. Two DEA agents show up and take him into custody, charging him with money laundering for accepting drug money. Danny is given an impossible choice: fight the government indictment in court, which he can’t afford to do, for obvious reason or, act as an untrained undercover agent, treacherously informing on his new friend . . . a suspected agent for the biggest, most violent and deadly Mexican Drug Cartel. Trying to protect his daughter and girlfriend, while living up to his DEA agreement, Danny is forced to lie to everyone in his life, while at the same time, deciding who is the real enemy . . . and risk losing everything and all who are most precious to him. Suspicion is a non-stop thrill ride that never lets up while never letting the reader down. It is, as Michael Connelly so aptly puts it, “One man’s fight for survival that becomes everyman’s journey to the light.” Contemporary and cutting-edge, this one’s a book for the ages.


John Dwaine McKenna