Suburban Dicks

Mysterious Book Report No. 454

John Dwaine McKenna

After teaming up and co-creating the sensational comicbook superhero known as Deadpool, author Fabian Nicieza has turned his many talents to writing crime fiction, and authored an unconventional first novel that touches upon many of the hot button social and political issues that are currently driving our national discourse, alienating friends and families . . . as well as fracturing our society.

Suburban Dicks, (Putnam, $27.00, 400 pages, ISBN 978-0-593-19126-2) takes place in the suburban town of West Windsor, New Jersey.  It begins with the discovery of a murdered gas station attendant named Satkunananthan Sasmal, whose Uncle, Tharani Sasmal, owns a number of gas stations in the area.  The family is part of a large, and growing, Indian and Asian immigrant community that’s moved to the area, where housing developments and McMansions have displaced the dairies and vegetable farms that were there just a few decades earlier.

From there, the snark never stops as the author takes aim at everything and everyone many of our woke brethren find objectionable about the society whose largess they have enjoyed, albeit with no investment in the country from which such gifts are withdrawn.  To sum it up in a few words:  great plot with too many clichéd characters.

Our advice, save your money.  Better books are in the pipeline and coming soon.

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