Mysterious Book Report No. 433

by John Dwaine McKenna

With more infighting, back-stabbing and double-crossing than a month-long joint session of Congress, Sirocco, (Blackstone, PB, $16.99, 400 pages, ISBN 978-1-0940-9983-5), the sophomore effort of author Dana Haynes—after 2019s, St. Nicholas Salvage and Wrecking—picks up right where the first one left off, with a pulsating sequel.

This time, ex-cop Michael Finnegan and his partner, Katlin Fiero, a Spanish aristocrat with a unique skill-set and elite training that’s made her into a world-class assassin, are chasing a mysterious and elusive terrorist group who’re responsible for a number of  bombings in Europe that have taken dozens of innocent lives . . . including women and children . . . as well as a CIA Chief, her husband, and their toddler daughter.

After each blast, an unnamed Islamic cleric appears in an online video taking credit for the atrocity, while blaming the West, for supporting the government of Alsharq, a small North African country on the Mediterranean.  Finnegan and Fiero are tasked with finding the elusive group of terrorists, capturing or killing the leader and stopping the bombings.  But the St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking crew aren’t the only ones trying to put the terrorists out of business.  A ruthless American private contracting firm is also on the hunt, with a nearly unlimited budget and resources . . . plus a-take-no prisoners philosophy.  Add in a few spies, a couple of gangsters and the director of Spain’s National Intelligence Service and the plot gets more byzantine with every chapter as it works its way toward a rousing conclusion at a Spanish fortress that will leave readers wondering if anyone will live to tell the tale.  If you crave action, adventure and heroes to cheer for, you won’t want to miss the adventures of Fiero, Finnegan, and the rest of St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking Crew!


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