Remember My Face

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Extra

by John Dwaine McKenna

Our usual custom here at the Mysterious Book Report is to take some time off on turkey day, spending it with family and friends . . . eating, talking, watching football on TV . . . and giving thanks for the many freedoms and the bounty we all enjoy . . . and often take for granted.  But the year 2020 is anything but normal.  It’s unprecedented and hopefully, will never be repeated.

This year we are all being told to stay home, wear a mask, and replace it between bites.  Don’t gather in groups, don’t sing or shout, don’t spit and for godsakes don’t talk with your mouth full!  There is, however no prohibition against reading.  And so, breaking with tradition, in compliance with all the man-and-woman-dated rules, restrictions, and regulations designated by our leaders . . . here’s an interesting and thought-provoking new crime fiction novel featuring a Cuban-American private investigator in the heart of Central Florida.  It’s farm country—a far cry from the Miami detective’s usual city haunts.  His name is Willie Cuesta, and he’s been hired to locate an undocumented farm worker who’s disappeared.

Remember My Face, (Arté Publico Press, $18.95. 220 pages, ISBN 978-1-5585-907-4) by award-winning author and journalist John Latigua, begins when Willie, a former Miami PD Detective, is hired to locate an undocumented Mexican named Ernesto Pérez in Cane County, smack-dab in the midst of Florida’s vegetable, fruit and citrus growing region.  When he starts to look around however, Willie soon finds that Pérez isn’t the only missing field hand.  There are several more who’re gone without a trace.  Making matters worse is the fact that Cane County—so known for all of the sugar cane grown there—is also the birthplace of the newborn, and growing, Sovereign Rights Movement, or SRM, whose mostly white adherents reject the notion of any type of outside governmental restriction, interference or control, flaunt all laws, and openly carry firearms of every type and description.  It’s a place that’s an open invitation to all-out violence, just awaiting a spark to set it off . . . like a growing drug-smuggling element.  This hair-raising, edge-of-your-seat, hard-boiled thriller will make you forget all about not seeing your Uncle Ed, or eating Aunt Ruth’s special homemade cranberry sauce.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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