Prodigal Son

Mysterious Book Report No. 434

by John Dwaine McKenna

Best selling author Gregg Hurwitz’s newest installment in his compelling Orphan X series has just been released.

Prodigal Son, (Minotaur, $27.99, 416 pages, ISBN 978-1-250-25228-9) begins when Evan Smoak—the legendary government assassin known as X, the tenth orphan, who was recruited in his pre-teen years and trained to kill—is lured out of retirement by the unlikeliest of sources: the birth mother who gave him up for adoption.

Disbelieving at first, and skeptical of the woman’s motives, it takes some convincing from her before Smoak agrees to help a man named Andre, who was the only witness to an eerie murder that took place at an auto impound lot.  Andre, who has disappeared and is hiding in fear of the killers, is coincidentally a kid Evan knew from the group home, back when he was in the system.

The more the retired assassin digs however, the deadlier the situation becomes.  He finds himself up against a brother and sister hit team, as well as a sociopathic scientist who’s also a genius, with access to an incredible assortment of futuristic, and leading-edge technology that’s as lethal as it is mind-boggling.

And the hits just keep on coming throughout this edge-of-the-seat thriller that’s impossible to put down.  It is one of the best-plotted, action-filled and relentlessly propulsive novels of the new year!


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