Mysterious Book Report Never Go BackNever Go Back by Lee Child

Delacorte Press/Random House, $28.00, 400 pages, ISBN 978-0-385-34434-0

I’ve said any number of times that I don’t often review the major, ‘A List’ authors, but every once in a while there’s an exception.  This week is one of them.  I mean-hey, what’s not to like about a big, hunky, existentialist dude who owns nothing but the clothes on his back and travels about our fair land loving the ladies and beating the bejeezus out of every bad guy he runs into?  I’m referring of course to everyone’s favorite modern day knight-errant, Jack Reacher.  If you’re not already familiar with him, treat yourself.  Get hold of a copy of this week’s MBR No. 125, Never Go Back, by Lee Child, and join in his legions of fans cheering for the guy we all wish we knew or were.  He’s a modern day Shane, the drifting cowboy who comes to town and takes on the corruption he finds there, and against impossible odds, manages to prevail.  Why?  How?  Because he is noble, of the highest ethical standards and unassailable character.  He is the white knight come to town, where he stays only long enough to take care of the bad guys, and bed the most nubile, desirable and willing female in the territory before disappearing down the closest highway in sight . . . destination unknown.  Tune in next time, next book, for the next thrilling episode, detailing the further adventures of Jack Reacher.  It’s a formula that’s as old as the storytelling art itself . . . and irresistible when done by a master wordsmith like

Lee Child, who has been anointed as “The #1 Best-Selling New York Times Author.”  See why by starting with Never Go Back, then catch up with Child’s previous dozen or so yarns while he writes the next one.


John Dwaine McKenna