Never Far Away

Mysterious Book Report No.  438

by John Dwaine McKenna

Bestselling author Michael Koryta never fails to deliver a thrilling and suspenseful edge-of-your–seat read when he writes a new novel, and the recently released Never Far Away, (Little, Brown, $28.00, 384 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-53593-9) is no exception.

It begins with a woman named Nina Morgan faking her own death somewhere down in Florida in order to keep her husband and two small children safe from the man she’s been working for.  His name is Carson Lowery.  He’s the man who started and runs a private contracting company that one U.S. Senator refers to as “Blackwater on steroids” . . . and he’s the one who hired the two hit men who helped Nina Morgan fake her death.  They decided not to take her life because of other grievances they have with Lowery and his firm.

Ten peaceful years later, Nina’s husband Doug Chatfield goes out to buy donuts and is killed in a tragic, and ordinary traffic accident . . . which causes daughter Hailey, now thirteen years old to call a pager number and alert her aunt, Leah Trenton.  Unbeknownst to the teenager and her eleven year-old brother Nick, Leah is the assumed name of their mother Nina, who they think died when they were still babies.

The death of Doug Chatfield and the arrival of a nonexistent ‘Aunt’ soon reaches the notice of Colson Lowery, who realizes he’s been duped, and sends another pair of amoral, utterly ruthless and merciless killers to track mother and kids down so that he can kill them.  The chase goes from Kentucky to the wilderness of northern Maine, while the suspense ratchets up toward the moon in this exquisitely well-crafted thriller from the mind of a master wordsmith who just gets better and better with each new book!

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