Mysterious Book Report No. 7

The Shortcut Man by P.G. Sturges

(Scribner, $24.00, 207 pages, ISBN 978-1-4391-9417-1)

 Do you like the old black and white crime dramas from the 1940’s?  You know the ones I mean, with John Garfield, Bogart, Edward G. Robinson and Robert Mitchum . . . Do you long for just one more from the pen of Raymond Chandler, (Marlowe) or Robert B. Parker (Spenser)?

If you answered yes, Yes, YES to the above and you’d like to have more fun than you’ve ever had with all your clothes on . . . then read The Shortcut Man.

Have a tenant who won’t pay the rent and won’t move out without a court battle and endless lawyer fees?  Call the shortcut man.  Your problem is solved, usually the same day.  A ruthless fly-by-night contractor ripping off old ladies and refusing to make good?  The Shortcut Man’s your go-to guy.  Not only will you get your money back right away,  it will include interest.  These and many other similar problems in the underbelly of Los Angeles will be fixed quickly, quietly and efficiently by Dick Henry: the Shortcut Man.  You’ll love it as he cruises around LA in his ’69 Coupe de Ville convertible “with the 472 cubic inch motor” making the miscreants miserable.

He’s locked and loaded on the bad guys, but he’s got real problems with bad girls . . . and therein lies the plot of a novel so good you’ll be screaming for more.


John Dwaine McKenna