Miami Midnight

Mysterious Book Report No. 408

by John Dwaine McKenna

If you’re interested in some electrifying, hard-boiled crime fiction that’s cram-packed full of gangsters, romance, drug dealers, gun-fights, sleazy characters and skeezy bars for some escapist reading this summer, you need look no further.  Miami Midnight, (Polis Books, $26.00, 336 pages, ISBN 978-1-947993-59-4) by Alex Segura has all the above and more, as beleaguered Miami Private Eye and used book dealer Pete Fernandez battles to survive in this, his fifth adventure.

Still recovering from wounds that almost killed him, and with new-found sobriety, Pete Fernandez has begun a new life and career:  running a used bookstore in a quiet Miami neighborhood.  He claims he’s retired as a P.I., and has moved on with his life.  But then an old, retired Cuban crime boss backs Pete into a corner with a request he can’t refuse.  Unless Pete agrees to find out who killed the mobster’s drug-addicted, jazz musician son and recover a stolen painting . . . incriminating photographs that could send Pete into prison will be released.

Fernandez refuses at first, until another victim comes forth with new information that suggests a potential link between the mobster’s son’s death and the gangsters who came close to taking the battered Personal Investigator’s life.  Suddenly, he finds himself pulled back into the chaos, crime and danger that Fernandez has tried so desperately to avoid.  This time he may not live to tell the tale.

Alex Segura is an award-winning talent and a rising star in the crime writing world.  Read this epic novel for yourself and find out why.

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