Hinton Hollow Death Trip

Mysterious Book Report No. 443

by John Dwaine McKenna

A novel whose first three words are DON’T READ THIS is unique, cocky and almost irresistible . . . but that’s exactly how Hinton Hollow Death Trip, (Orenda Books, PB, $15.95, 400 pages, ISBN 978-1-913193-30-0) by Will Carver starts out.  Those three words are a warning from the yarn’s narrator: Evil.  It’s letting the reader know they won’t be quite the same once they’ve read the whole story.  And it’s true.  You will be different.  Feel different. Think different.

The first thing that happens is when an eight year-old boy named Henry Wallace gets put on a train by his mother with a sign around his neck on a string.  It asks that whoever finds the boy, keep him safe and away from home for the next week.  Henry, who always obeys his mum, has strict instructions from her, to NOT tell anyone who he is or where he’s from for seven sleeps.  Mrs. Wallace isn’t crazy . . . she’s afraid.  She knows something bad is coming to the small town of Hinton Hollow, population 5,120.  She just doesn’t know what it is.  It’s Evil.  Evil itself is coming to the small and unaware hamlet where nothing much ever happens.  That’s all about to change though, because a disillusioned, burned-out and depressed big city police investigator  is coming back to the place where he was born and raised.  His name is Detective Sergeant Pace . . . and Evil is accompanying him.  Things will change because Evil will be bringing out the worst in everyone and mayhem will be the result.  People will act in unnatural ways with some encouragement from Evil that prods their insecurities, nudges  at their secrets and desires . . . coaxing out the malevolence that’s suppressed within all humans . . . who will lie, cheat, steal, and kill.  Hinton Hollow will never be the same after darkness comes to call in one of the most original and exciting works of crime fiction to come along since Goodman Brown found out what his wife was up to, out in the forest.

Will Carver is already a bestselling sensation in England, Scotland and Ireland.  He’ll soon do the same here in the USA and Canada too . . . because he’s so damned good!  If you’re already a fan of Peter Straub, Stephen King or John Connolly, you’ll love Will Carver.  Believe me.  You will!


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