Find Me

Mysterious Book Report No. 472

by John Dwaine McKenna

Hope Miller is the name adopted by a young woman  who doesn’t know  her real identity . . . or where she came from.  She was found fifteen years ago, in a wrecked and stolen SUV, unconscious and severely injured.  The woman who discovered the accident in a remote area just outside of Hopewell, New Jersey, is Lyndsay Kelley—a young defense lawyer from New York City— who was visiting her parents, where they still live in the house where she grew up.  Lyndsay has been protecting, guiding and looking out for Hope ever since.

As Find Me, (Harper Collins, $26.99, 304 pages, ISBN 978-0-06-285336-3), by Alafair Burke begins, Hope has just announced that she’s relocating to East Hampton, Long Island, where her mentor Lyndsay fears she won’t be able to survive on her own.  A short time after the move, those fears are realized when Hope disappears, leaving a single drop of blood as the only clue.  When  CODIS, the national Combined DNA Index System available only to law enforcement, matches the sample to the DNA of a Wichita, Kansas serial killer, followed by the death of a local businessman soon after, lead police to believe that Hope is a killer and not a victim.  That’s when Ellie Hatcher gets involved.  She’s a NYPD homicide detective with roots in Wichita, where her father, also a homicide detective, was so obsessed  with solving the serial killer case that he took his own life . . . an event that Ellie refuses to believe happened.  Thereafter, Ms. Burke skillfully weaves plot, subplot and back-story into a dynamic, irresistible cold case file and can’t look away twisty psychological thriller combined with a police procedural which will have readers racing to the conclusion—while at the same time wishing that the novel were several hundred pages longer.  It’s an incredibly difficult achievement most writers only dream of doing.  The MBR’s advice: get your own copy of Alafair Burke’s Find Me and join her ever-growing legions of fans.  You won’t regret it.  Not ever!!


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