Divine Justice

Mysterious Book Report No. 431

by John Dwaine McKenna

A group of right wing criminal fanatics, inspired by a crazed evangelist named Heinz Dieter, who’s convinced that the end of days are about to commence, and all of them under the control of an utterly ruthless sociopathic killer named Rocco Robano. . . are dynamiting ATM machines all over Cape Town, South Africa in order to finance the building of Aurora, Pastor Dieter’s vision of Utopia in the neighboring country of Namibia, where, according to the so-called holy man, they’ll be saved from the Apocalypse.  So begins Divine Justice, (Catalyst Press, PB, $16.95, 342 pages, ISBN 978-1-946395-42-9), by Joanne Hichens.

Opposing the band of evil-doers is a young Private Investigator named Rae Valentine.  She’s a recovering addict who’s lost a leg because of drug use, and fights to stay clean while keeping a struggling investigations firm from going bankrupt.  Out of desperation, Rae takes on a job her partner, Vince Saldana, calls a sure loser—finding a group of exquisite uncut diamonds—for none other than the domineering mother of the doomsday preacher . . . Heinz Dieter.

The job pitches the newly minted PI headlong into a world she’s ill-prepared for and may not survive.  It’s a violent place of diamond theft, white supremacy and religious zealotry that stretches from Cape Town to the Orange River in neighboring Namibia as the tension ratchets up with each page and the plot unspools toward its rousing, raucous and stunning conclusion!

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