Cold Water

Mysterious Book Report No. 403

by John Dwaine McKenna

Larry and Linda Carson are good, honest and hard-working folks—salt of the earth types—who’ve moved up from San Francisco to Sacramento, California, trying to rebuild their lives, and their marriage, after losing the baby they’d been anticipating so eagerly.  Life for them is ordinary and hum-drum . . . until the neighbors across the street, the Perkins, move out and some criminal squatters break in and take up residence.  That’s when trouble so bad that Gary and Linda couldn’t have even imagined it beforehand begins in an electrifying new crime fiction thriller  entitled Cold Water, (Down & Out Books, PB, $14.95, 234 pages, ISBN 978-1-64396-081-4) by Tom Pitts.

The Carsons are in for a battle they’re ill-equipped to deal with.  They’ve never encountered the kind of drug-addled, ruthless criminals they must now confront.  Outlaws who are not only  rapacious thugs who will show no mercy; they are criminals who have a dark and secret history which reaches beyond the neighborhood, and connects to one of the richest and most powerful men in the state of California.

As the crimes steadily increase and the bad blood begins to boil, Gary and Linda turn to the Sacramento Police, who prove to be ineffective and unable to be of any help.  That’s when Linda is kidnapped . . . and a “fixer” by the name of Calper Dennings shows up.  He’s been sent to put a lid on things before they affect his employer.  But instead, he’s quickly sucked into the cruel and dark world of an amoral tycoon with enough power and money to destroy them all.

Cold Water ratchets up the action, drama and the tension on every page, as it builds to a stunningly violent conclusion that will leave the reader gasping for breath and searching for more of Tom Pitts’ novels.  All hard-boiled crime enthusiasts should get to know him, because he’s fast becoming the unrivaled master of north Cali noir!

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