Cheater’s Game

Mysterious Book Report No. 402

by John Dwaine McKenna

In a society without shame, where faking it is making it and deceit trumps virtue, integrity is for losers and cheaters win.  Fairness?  Forget about it!  A meritocracy?  In your dreams!  Earn your diploma?  Why bother, when you can buy it.”

So says aging linebacker and CTE sufferer turned lawyer, Jake Lassiter, as he takes on the college admissions cheating scandal in Paul Levine’s newest, propulsive courtroom thriller entitled:  Cheater’s Game, (Herald Square Publishing, PB, $15.99, 426 pages, ISBN 978-17342551005).

Mr. Levine is at the top of his form in Cheater’s Game—his fourteenth Lassiter novel—which covers the timeliest of subjects in this period of such income disparity the ability of the haves to purchase what the have-nots can only dream about.  In this case, it’s admission into the country’s most prestigious and elite universities.

As the novel begins the brain-damaged ex-pro football player, Jake Lassiter, has quit trial lawyering and taken a job with the Florida Bar Association, going after attorney’s who break the law.  But when his beloved nephew Kip is indicted by a grand jury and hauled into Federal Court on 37 felony counts after being set-up by his scheming boss and so-called ‘partner,’ Jake comes back to defend the young man he’s raised as a son.  He puts his life on the line in the process, while Kip is facing what amounts to a life sentence if convicted.

The courtroom drama is fast-paced, intricate and ever-changing as the strategies, schemes and betrayals play out, while at home the heartaches mount as Jake’s condition worsens as he comes to grips with the fact that the case is unwinnable and he may not be able to save his sister’s son Kip, “the smartest kid in the room . . . and the dumbest one on the  street . . .”

Read it for yourself, and see why legions of die-hard fans around the world can’t wait for Jake Lassiter’s next adventure . . . and you, like me, will be a fan too!


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