Bombay Monsoon

Mysterious Book Report No. 505

by John Dwaine McKenna


Bombay Monsoon,(Oceanview Publishing, $27.95, 368 pages, ISBN 978-1-60809-506-3) by James W. Ziskin, takes place in a world of intrigue, passion, and atmosphere.  It’s a young reporters dream job—or his worst nightmare.  His name is Denny Jacob’s and he’s the new guy at UNI, or United News International in Bombay, India, where he’s desperate for a big story to make a name for himself.  The year is 1975 and the country is in turmoil.  Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has declared a state of emergency in order to prevent a coup, the wire service is subjected to an in-house censor who imposes a virtual news black-out, the weather is unbearably hot and the food, although tasty, is mostly unfit to eat.  There’s also that pesky Marxist bomber who managed to kill a federal police officer.  He granted an interview with photographs to the young man, but has second thoughts.  Shortly after, bomber and reporter are being hounded by the police.  But Denny’s real problems start when he meets a man named Willy Smets, his mysterious and shifty landlord, whose beguiling girlfriend, Sushmita immediately captures the young American’s interest . . . and the feeling is mutual, as well as deadly.  Soon Denny Jacob’s life and career are in peril.  Then, on top of everything else, the monsoons begin dumping their endless and torrential rains.


With a lively cast of characters, authentic descriptions of time and place coupled with non-stop action, Bombay Monsoon will capture the readers hearts and minds in Chapter one and never let go!!


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