Mysterious Book Report American HistoryAmerican History by J.L. Abramo

Down & Out Books, PB, $18.95, 362 pages, ISBN 978-1-946502-70-4

The twentieth century may go down in history as the most epochal of all time.  It’s already the most fascinating, pivotal and the most consequential of eras because it was without doubt the bloodiest one ever.  Now, in a brand new piece of intricate crime fiction, the twentieth century is encapsulated by following the fortunes of two families, the Agnellos and Leones, who bring a blood feud with them from Sicily to the USA at the turn of the twentieth century.  The Agnello family (lamb, in Italian) stays in New York City and mostly on the side of law and order.  The Leone clan (lion, in Italian), on the other hand, puts down roots in San Francisco where they create a criminal empire.

American History, by J.L. Abramo is a multi-generational saga of loyalty and deceit, law breakers and law enforcers, whose families are torn apart or bound together in a no holds barred battle for survival as neither time, nor distance prevents the families from trying to destroy each other.  As a nation struggles to find its identity in the wake of two World Wars the two families engage in a life and death struggle formed by honor and lies, as tragic circumstances tear one family apart while the other searches for missing members.  With the focus going from coast to coast in the tradition of  The Godfather, East of Eden, or The Given Day, this compelling saga of American crime and crime families will keep you reading far into the night.  Mr. Abramo, an award-winning best-selling author has penned another winner that all fans of crime fiction are going to want to read!


John Dwaine McKenna