Forgiveness Dies

Mysterious Book Report No. 396

by John Dwaine McKenna

Serial character Trevor Galloway is a former Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania narcotics detective, an unlicensed private investigator and an ex-mental patient who’s just been released from three years in a psychiatric hospital for being a serial killer in author J.J. Hensley’s newly released crime thriller entitled Forgiveness Dies, (Down & Out Books, PB, $16.95, 234 pages, ISBN 978-1-64396-038-8).

Zonked out on doctor-prescribed mood enhancing drugs as part of the terms of his release, Galloway shuffles through his days in a walking coma as he tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life.  His biggest problem: he hallucinates, imagines people and objects, as well as events, that aren’t there . . . all of which makes him a totally unreliable witness.

Then, an old acquaintance reaches out to the beleaguered ex-cop and offers Galloway a job.  With high praise for his investigative skills, he’s hired to check out the threats being made against a local business tycoon who’s making a credible run for the Presidency of the United States.  The only clues are a stack of photographs that may or may not hold any real evidence in what soon becomes a race against time as Galloway dodges gun-runners, mercenaries and vicious drug gangs who are all out to kill him . . . or are they just more hallucinations?  Only the reader will know for sure as Trevor Galloway, a detective who can’t always trust his own perceptions, struggles to unravel the complex and deadly case.

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