Every Cloak Rolled in Blood

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Every Cloak Rolled In Blood Mysterious Book Report No. 490 by John Dwaine McKenna Every Cloak Rolled In Blood,  (Simon & Schuster, $27.00, 288 pages ISBN 978-1-9821-9659-2), by Mystery Writers of America Grand Master James Lee Burke, is his 50th novel and most unique ever . . . it’s autobiographical in nature, a heart-wrenching lament in honor of his daughter Pamala, who, in August 2020, died unexpectedly while still

Paper & Blood

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Paper & Blood Mysterious Book Report No. 460 by John Dwaine McKenna Complete escapism.  That’s what fantasy author Kevin Hearne has gifted all readers who can suspend their rational beliefs long enough to enter the paranormal world of Al MacBharrais, where science, technology and magic all co-exist with each other under the watchful eyes of six sigil agents who monitor the globe for the comings and goings of the

Widespread Panic

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Widespread Panic Mysterious Book Report No. 453 by John Dwaine McKenna In a departure of sorts from his usual crime thrillers, master wordsmith and MWA Grand Master James Ellroy takes a wiiiiiiiiild, wacky and wonked out trip down the paranormal rabbit hole, based on the schemes of a notorious real-life Hollywood fixer, PI and bent cop named Fred Otash. Hot off the presses, (released June 15, 2021) Widespread Panic,

Author Interview-Will Carver

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  Interview With The Author:  Will Carver by John Dwaine McKenna Our interviewee today hails from Great Britain.  His name is Will Carver and he’s a writer with the ability to pack more original ideas into a single paragraph than most of us are able to conjure up in an entire chapter . . . so with great pleasure, it’s my honor to introduce him to our Mysterious Book

Hinton Hollow Death Trip

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Hinton Hollow Death Trip Mysterious Book Report No. 443 by John Dwaine McKenna A novel whose first three words are DON’T READ THIS is unique, cocky and almost irresistible . . . but that’s exactly how Hinton Hollow Death Trip, (Orenda Books, PB, $15.95, 400 pages, ISBN 978-1-913193-30-0) by Will Carver starts out.  Those three words are a warning from the yarn’s narrator: Evil.  It’s letting the reader know

Dead Money

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Dead Money Mysterious Book Report No. 436 by John Dwaine McKenna  And if that cash belonged to a  Hong Kong Triad kingpin  with a history of  killing debt welshers  with a meat cleaver . . . That’s the first half of the concept author Srinath Adiga opens with in his debut novel entitled: Dead Money, (Central Avenue, PB, $16.99, 416 pages, ISBN 978-1-77168-216-9).  It’s the second part of the

Author Interview-Kevin Hearne

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Interview With The Author: Kevin Hearne by John Dwaine McKenna   Today we’re talking with a best-selling author and the most imaginative fantasy writer in this part of the known universe.  His name is Kevin Hearne and we’re very happy to hear his thoughts and ideas.  Mr. Hearne, thanks for taking time to speak with us today.  Here’s our first question: When do you write?  I write mostly in

Ink & Sigil

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Ink & Sigil Mysterious Book Report No. 424 by John Dwaine McKenna Our Halloween treat for 2020—the year a real Captain Trips came to town and tried to kill us all—is a dazzling urban fantasy and series launch by NY Times bestselling author Kevin Hearne, entitled: Ink & Sigil, (Del Rey, $28.00, 336 pages, ISBN 978-1-9848-2125-6), in which a beleaguered, ordinary mortal man from Glasgow, Scotland named Aloysis, “Al,”

Blood World

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Blood World Mysterious Book Report No. 419 by John Dwaine McKenna By combining sci-fi and crime-fiction, thriller writer Chris Mooney has come up with an irresistibly striking story that’s as thought-provoking as it is entertaining and explosive to read.  In his recently released Blood World, (Berkley Books, $27.00, 436 pages, ISBN 978-0-593-19763-9) Mooney posits a world in which near-immortality is attainable for a wealthy and privileged few . .


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Miraculum Mysterious Book Report No. 391 by John Dwaine McKenna We humans all have one thing in common . . . we are endlessly curious.  We’ve just gotta know how and why things happen, as well as where, when and what.  We are compelled as a species to look through the window, open the door, or peek around the corner to see what we haven’t seen and learn what

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