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Bobby March Will Live Forever

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Bobby March Will Live Forever Mysterious Book Report No. 441 by John Dwaine McKenna A heatwave in Glasgow, Scotland during the summer of 1973 is the setting for Edgar Award finalist Alan Parks’s third crime novel featuring a troubled, hard-drinking and morally challenged  . . . yet brilliant police detective named Harry McCoy. Bobby March Will Live Forever, (World Noir, PB, $17.00, 320 pages, ISBN 978-1-60945-685-6) finds McCoy tasked

Author Interview-Harry Farthing

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  Interview With The Author:  Harry Farthing by John Dwaine McKenna Harry Farthing is English by birth, American by choice, an adventurer, world traveller, mountain climber, journalist and outstanding thriller writer whose dazzling debut, Ghost Moths is discussed in Mysterious Book Report No. 440.  He’s a man on the go who slowed down long enough to do an in-depth and comprehensive interview with us that details some of his

The Ghost Moths

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The Ghost Moths Mysterious Book Report No. 440 by John Dwaine McKenna The Ghost Moths, (Blackstone Publishing, $27.99, 368 pages, ISBN 978-1-5384-6923-1) by Harry Farthing, is a painstakingly researched, carefully plotted and well-written issues-driven thriller that takes place among the towering eight thousand meter peaks of South Asia’s Himalayan Mountains. The novel is about the occupied nation of Tibet . . . and it’s long struggle for freedom.  It

The Mercenary

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The Mercenary Mysterious Book Report No. 439 by John Dwaine McKenna Moscow, during the late winter-early spring of 1985—in the waning times of the Soviet Empire and end of nearly fifty years of the Cold War—is the setting for a master work of espionage thriller entitled: The Mercenary, (Pegasus Crime, $25.95, 288 pages, ISBN 978-1-64313-620-2), by Paul Vidich, in which a high-ranking KGB Officer is attempting to defect to

Author Interview-Michael Koryta

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Interview With The Author: Michael Koryta by John Dwaine McKenna After a few hiccups and a couple of minor setbacks, we’re fortunate to hear from a busy and prolific writer who’s also a perennial Best-selling and award winning talent whose work is widely read, greatly admired and a personal favorite of mine.  With many thanks Michael Koryta here’s our first question: When do you write?    I’ll read the previous

Never Far Away

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Never Far Away Mysterious Book Report No.  438 by John Dwaine McKenna Bestselling author Michael Koryta never fails to deliver a thrilling and suspenseful edge-of-your--seat read when he writes a new novel, and the recently released Never Far Away, (Little, Brown, $28.00, 384 pages, ISBN 978-0-316-53593-9) is no exception. It begins with a woman named Nina Morgan faking her own death somewhere down in Florida in order to keep

The Girl Who Wasn’t There

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The Girl Who Wasn’t There Mysterious Book Report No. 437 by John Dwaine McKenna A man named Sydney O’Keefe has just been paroled after serving a ten year jolt in an upstate New York maximum security prison for a quadruple homicide he didn’t do, as the electrifying, propulsive and gritty new novel from prolific crime fiction author Vincent Zandri opens at a family resort in northern New York’s Adirondack

The Unwilling

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The Unwilling Mysterious Book Report No. 435 by John Dwaine McKenna John Hart is the absolute master of Southern Gothic or Appalachian Noir—whatever name it’s given—and is the single best practitioner of the genre working in America today. In his newest, and just released novel, The Unwilling, (St. Martin’s Press, $27.99, 384 pages, ISBN 978-1-250-16772-9), he takes an introspective and deeply personal look at the effect of the Viet

Author Interview-John Hart

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Interview With the Author: John Hart by John Dwaine McKenna Our interviewee today is NY Times bestselling author John Hart, who graciously took time from his busy schedule to share his thoughts and writing tips for all of us.  With many thanks . . . here’s our first question: When do you write? I’m a morning guy for story momentum. Get up, get to work, trust whatever organ guides

Prodigal Son

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Prodigal Son Mysterious Book Report No. 434 by John Dwaine McKenna Best selling author Gregg Hurwitz’s newest installment in his compelling Orphan X series has just been released. Prodigal Son, (Minotaur, $27.99, 416 pages, ISBN 978-1-250-25228-9) begins when Evan Smoak—the legendary government assassin known as X, the tenth orphan, who was recruited in his pre-teen years and trained to kill—is lured out of retirement by the unlikeliest of sources:

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