Christopher Rice Interview

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Interview With The Author: Christopher Rice by John Dwaine McKenna    Best-selling author and TV producer Christopher Rice is a busy, busy man who graciously took time out of a frenetic schedule to sit for a brief interview.  With many thanks . . . here is himself. Why do you write? Because I have an abiding contempt for reality. Where do you write? The key to not destroying your

Tear It Down

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Tear It Down Mysterious Book Report No. 399 by John Dwaine McKenna Author Nick Petrie has come up with a serial character most of us would like, and like to hang around, if he were real.  His name is Peter Ash.  He minds his own business, doesn’t fuss about getting his hair cut real often, works as a carpenter and handyman and drives a ’68 Chevy pickup truck that

A Book of Bones

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A Book of Bones Mysterious Book Report No. 400 by John Dwaine McKenna All readers of fiction, and especially crime fiction, are ultimately interested in the eternal battle between the forces of good versus the forces of evil.  It’s the tension between those two opposing sides that creates drama, and drama is what we all crave, because we’re curious . . . and because we’re rooting for one side

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