This Storm

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This Storm Mysterious Book Report No. 381 by John Dwaine McKenna The writer James Ellroy is a genius, and a living legend who follows no rules but his own.  He cuts, slashes and burns the English language however he sees fit, then reassembles it at will in his own inimical style to bring forth what can only be called masterpieces of American literature.  He writes fiction; he writes about

Paradise Valley

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Paradise Valley Mysterious Book Report No. 318 by John Dwaine McKenna Our author this week needs no introduction, as his name has become synonymous with the modern American West. We’re referring of course, to the prolific and award-winning Wyoming writer C.J. Box, and his beloved character, Joe Pickett; the iconic Wyoming Game Warden, all-American good guy and dedicated family man. Now, Mr. Box has another character that the MBR