We take some of the best Mysterious Book Reports and get interviews from the authors.  Always enjoy what makes some of the best wordsmith’s minds  tick.  What are they’re thoughts?  Where do the ideas come from?  How much time do they dedicate to their profession. Check out what they have to say here.

Deon Meyer Author Interview

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Interview With The Author Deon Meyer by John Dwaine McKenna  We’re proud—and honored—to be able to present our interview with internationally known and best-selling South African author Deon Meyer, whose newest novel The Last Hunt has just been released to wide acclaim.  Thank you for taking time to share your expertise with us.  And without further ado, let’s get right to it.  Our first questions is: Why do you

Paul Levine Author Interview

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Interview With The Author:  Paul Levine by John Dwaine McKenna Sharing his insights and thoughts with us today is Paul Levine, whose newest Jake Lassiter thriller is reviewed in MBR No. 402.  It’s both an honor and a pleasure, as well as a humbling experience to interview so prolific an author with such a well-defined and appealing character as Lassiter, whose longevity is astonishing.  Thank you for your input.

Interview with David Grogan

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Interview With The Author David E. Grogan  by John Dwaine McKenna We’re pleased—and honored—to present the following interview with David E. Grogan, whose newest Steve Stilwell thriller, The Hidden Key, is reviewed above in MBR No. 401.  Mr. Grogan is a retired Officer and Gentleman, a 26 year veteran of the US Navy and an attorney.  He’s also a world traveler, a sponsor of military service men and women,

Gray Basnight

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Interview with Gray Basnight by John Dwaine McKenna Here’s our next author interview with Gray Basnight, writer of Flight of the Fox, along with an excerpt to whet your appetite for more of this timely and thrilling novel. Why do you write?   It’s an important question that, in some ways, is unanswerable. Why artists and writers are compelled to create is elusive, but I feel compelled to do

John Altman

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Interview With The Author: John Altman by John Dwaine McKenna Our conversation this week is with John Altman, the best-selling author of False Flag, the spy thriller that’s reviewed in Mysterious Book Report No. 322. Thanks for speaking with us today. I know you’re busy so let’s get to it. Our first question is: How did your first book get published? How long did it take? It took thirteen

Michael Kardos

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Interview With The Author: Michael Kardos  by John Dwaine McKenna With many thanks, our interview this week is with Michael Kardos, the Pushcart Prize- winning author of Bluff, who holds degrees from Princeton, Ohio State, and the University of Missouri.  He lives in Mississippi, where he teaches creative writing at Mississippi State.  Somehow, he’s also found the time to write three other novels, a story collection and a text

Wil Medearis

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Interview With The Author: Wil Medearis  by John Dwaine McKenna Today’s Mysterious Book Report interview is with writer Wil Medearis, whose recent crime novel, Restoration Heights, neatly combines a mystery with an illustration of the plight of those disappearing “affordable urban neighborhoods” as a result of gentrification.  He’s got a lot of insight and much to say about the craft of writing, so let’s get right to our first question:

Charles Salzberg

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Interview With The Author: Charles Salzberg by John Dwaine McKenna We’re talking with Charles Salzberg, the creative genius behind the always entertaining antics of Henry Swann, one of the best Private Eyes to come a-sleuthing since Sam Spade was messing around with Mrs. Archer.  Thanks for agreeing to an interview with The Mysterious Book Report.  Our readers and fans are eager to hear your thoughts, writing tips and opinions,

Wallace Stroby

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Interview With The Author: Wallace Stroby by John Dwaine McKenna  We’re fortunate this week that Wallace Stroby, one of crime fictions hottest young writers, was able and willing to take a short time-out from his swamped schedule down in south New Jersey to speak with the Mysterious Book Report about how he does what he does in such a compelling, forceful and so damned interesting way.  It’s an honor

John Stith

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Author Interview: John Stith by John Dwaine McKenna Our interviewee today is bestselling and award-winning author John Stith, whose newest thriller Pushback, is reviewed in MBR No 354, along with a brief account of our own serendipitous introduction by Ms. Nickless. It’s an honor to be able to speak with you, and please accept our sincere thank you for doing so. That said, here’s our first question: Who’s your