Interview With The Author: Kevin Hearne


John Dwaine McKenna


Today we’re talking with a best-selling author and the most imaginative fantasy writer in this part of the known universe.  His name is Kevin Hearne and we’re very happy to hear his thoughts and ideas.  Mr. Hearne, thanks for taking time to speak with us today.  Here’s our first question:

When do you write? 

I write mostly in the mornings and afternoons; by dinnertime my brain is pretty tuckered out and wants to relax. 

Where do you write?

In the kitchen, normally, at the island countertop. I’ll work on the deck when the weather and mosquitos choose to cooperate, and occasionally at a café—but you have to bring noise-cancelling headphones for that. You can’t leave yourself open to the dubious mercy of a corporate playlist.

Do you plot-outline or wing it?

I definitely write an outline but always feel free to ignore it once I get to drafting. Better ideas come along sometimes, and I quickly latch onto them rather than say, “No, too late, you weren’t here for the outline.”

How did your book get published?

It was sold at auction between four publishers once I got an agent.

How long did it take?

The submission and auction took two weeks. But before that, it was twenty years of writing novels that never got published. So it was twenty years and two weeks, but I did well enough to quit the day job.

Do you use humor in your work?

Oh, heck yes. My urban fantasy series, the Iron Druid Chronicles, does contain serious themes, but (I think) they are generally considered light escapist reads.

What type of scene is most difficult for you to write?

Fight scenes are rough for me, since I’m not any sort of martial artist and would always rather buy someone a drink than throw a punch. Comic books, however, taught me about the structure of them, and if I play some heavy metal I can usually get them done—it’s just slower than any other kind of scene.

What’s your next project?

I’m currently working on A Curse of Krakens, the third book of an epic fantasy trilogy called the Seven Kennings, which begins with A Plague of Giants. It’s full of magical critters and people. 

Where could you be reached on the World Wide Web?

I’m at and on Twitter and Instagram as @kevinhearne. Please do say hi to me there!


Thx again for your insights and expertise, and for taking time out to speak with our audience today.  Please keep us in your contacts list and let the MBR know about your next literary project.