You’re An Idiot If . . .

BS & Donkey Dust # 23 – December 19, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
Where the prairie ends and the west begins

Hello blogiverse and all of you ethernet surfers out there in the electronic haze . . .

So . . . What are you planning to do the day after tomorrow, Friday the 21st of December 2012 . . . the day the world is supposed to end according to some ding-dongs and talking heads out there who got the information straight from their decoder ring that’s dialed in to the rhythms of the cosmos . . . HEY OUT THERE – – – CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Anyone who believes that the date is 12-21-12 is the last day IS AN IDIOT!! An ‘edjit’ as my old Irish gramma would’ve said. A stone fecking edjit.
See you next Wednesday 12-26-12.