Whim-Wham Man Release

Rhyolite Press


 Fiction Readers in Colorado are celebrating!

Rhyolite  Press  announced  today  the  release  of  its  first  book  in  a  planned  series  of mysteries and thrillers that all take place in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The Whim˗Wham Man, the first of a series featuring CSPD Detective Jake McKern, is a coming of age and murder mystery that takes place in 1940 in Husted, Colorado, 12 miles north of Colorado Springs. Inspired by actual events, its heart-stopping action will keep you on the edge of your seatand glued to the pages as you live through a tragic, lifealtering three-day metamorphosis in the life of young Jamey McGoran.  The Whim˗Wham Man has it all,a crime you can’t forgive, a plot you couldn’t imagine . . . and a character you’ll never forget.


The Whim˗Wham Man

by John Dwaine McKenna
$15.00 at bookstores everywhere or from the publisher
ISBN 978-0-9839952-1-0
also as an eBook