What’s Hot


Colorado   Springs, CO

The news from Colorado this week is all hot.  The Denver Broncos opened training camp and new quarterback, Peyton Manning is hot, hot, hot.  The Colorado Rockies are not so hot; they’re the cellar-dwellers in the NL West.  Some burned-out homeowners in the Waldo Canyon fire are hot under the collar, trying to figure out their insurance claims and navigate the Byzantine rules and regulations of the Regional Building Department, and the whole summer’s been unseasonably hot for everyone.

Up here, around the hacienda high on the mesa, we’re going hot and heavy with preparation for the release of our next book: The Whim-Wham Man, a coming-of-age murder-mystery, due out in the next three weeks.  The first reviews are coming in and include words like awesome, wrenching and emotional writing . . . couldn’t stop reading and sensational . . . can’t get the characters out of my mind.  This book has a gut-punch impact!  A helluva story!  And similar glowing comments.  Reserve your signed copy now at huge pre-publication discounts.  For complete details see last week’s blog or call Rhyolite Press at 719-203-5265.  It will also be available on Amazon and at your favorite bookstore.

In the personal hot news department for the week; I talked to my old friend, author and beer drinking pal, Dick Kreck, who graciously agreed to write a “blurb” for the back cover of The Whim-Wham Man.  Dick is a retired newspaper columnist for The Denver Post as well as well-known and admired true-crime writer of Murder at the Brown Palace, and my personal favorite, Smaldone about a notorious Denver organized crime figure Chauncy Smaldone.

But I knew Kreck back when we both had real jobs and a jones for gathering up old junk and displaying it at out houses . . . when we could stay up past ten o’clock at night and still make it to work on time the next morning.  He’s been a friend and compatriot forever honored me with his comments.  They are greatly appreciated.