Trade Show

Colorado Springs, CO


It’s been a helluva month this week, and no, that’s not a typo; it just seems like there’s been a month’s worth of problems just in this past week.  But the good news is we got almost all of them solved.  Why all the hubbub?

This Thursday, the twentieth of September, is the opening night of the Annual Trade Show for the Mountains and Plains Bookseller Association, and Bert Entwistle and I have three hours scheduled to meet and greet . . . and sign our two new books. The Drift for Bert and The Whim-Wham Man for me.

We’ve been on a high-intensity, full warp speed ahead, with all photon torpedoes locked and loaded program to get both books completed, printed and here, ready to sign and deliver to all the bookstore agents ( about 1500).

And here’s the big problem, the big ‘uh-oh’, whata we do now thing that can’t be fixed, no way, no how.  Oh shit! Thanks to some procrastination and an itty-bitty computer glitch . . . oh crap, I hate to even think it . . . Bert’s excellent novel, The Drift won’t get here in time for the show.

Oh sure, we’ve got The Whim-Wham Man, business cards, thank you cards, posters, name badges, order forms and three kinds of press releases, as well as 100 copies of our spring 2012 release The Neversink Chronicles, but The Drift, an environmental thriller, will only be represented by three proof copies for prospective book buyers to look at.  Bert Entwistle will of course be there signing IOU’s and issuing apologies, and we’re thinking of tattooing a dotted line around his neck with “cut here” three or four times for reference.  We’re hoping it’ll make folks laugh and place orders, but who knows if it’ll work.  We’ll let you know if it all worked out next week, maybe have some photos for ya too.

Wish us luck . . .